Look deep into Nature,

and then you will understand everything better.                                -Albert Einstein

Our life's journey

    The circle of love along with compassionate choices and holistic belief has been our constant guide in all that we do personally and professionally.  Specializing in the companion canine professionally for 40 years, our dedication also carried over to the love of the small animal companion. We have been passionately driven, as our hearts led us with the strong desire to make a difference in the vitality and wellbeing of all animals and the people who love them, naturally!

 We strive to seek harmony at it's finest, get back to the basics, embracing the roots of nature. Believing in the precious gifts God blessed Mother Nature in providing to us.  We all are blessed to have these gifts accessible to us, and we believe they are the key source for a balanced mind-body-spirit! 


Our hopeful wish 

"to fulfill our purpose in helping make a difference for those we care so deeply about". 

to reach out and share with others, exceptional hemp enriched products, essential herbs, that are Vegan, organically grown, wild & masterly hand crafted with love.  

 We only promote wholesome              derived from kindness, Vegan, that we personally use, as well as our beloved companion animals. We are excited to share with you all the goodness we have discovered and feel so passionate about!  




-Join us as we embrace Hemp and all it's amazing gifts, and other essential herbs and plant nutrients designed and created only by nature and crafted with love!

Peaceful Choices

Our Belief..

The most valued time is the time

spent with those we love! 




Designed by Kip's of the plant therapy © 2020

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