Clean, Fresh Chicken, Duck and Fish

As carnivores, your companion pets crave fresh, protein-rich diets made from the clean muscle meat, flesh, liver and eggs of healthy livestock and fish. We answer this need by searching out wild-caught fish and humanely-nurtured animals from Canadian family farms, raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. And our unique manufacturing process allows us to use much higher concentrations of these raw, unprocessed foods to create better tasting, more digestible and nourishing diets than most traditional extruded pet foods with dehydrated meals, dried vegetables and rendered fats.

Our recipe begins with fresh chicken, real duck, and chicken eggs from Canadian family farms and carefully handled in federally inspected facilities under strict sanitary conditions. We add clean herring, perch and salmon that have been quick-frozen after catching to eliminate the need for preservatives. And we rigorously  test all of our food for pathogens, toxins and heavy metals to ensure that we have been selecting the cleanest ingredients possible.

We keep Carna4 100% pure by adding:

  • No meat meal, no poultry meal, no meat-and-bone or fish meal

  • No dehydrated meat

  • No meat or vegetable protein concentrates

  • No by-products

  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)


Carna4 is pure food made with…


To maintain Carna4’s integrity, we reject convention and refuse to add chicken meal, fish meal or any other kind of rendered meal, fat or processed oil to our recipes, even though they are staples of most pet foods, including “natural” and “holistic” products. Rendering the aging left-overs from meat processing plants into meat meal is a great way for conventional manufacturers to get cheap, useable pet food ingredients. With super-heating, they can kill the abundant bacteria in ageing meats, turning it into dried meal that can be stored for many months before being converted into dog and cat  food. But surely it is better to use fresh, real meat than remnants and by-products that need to be boiled down to a powder to make them “safe” for consumption!  We’re pleased to make our food without meat meals or rendered fats of any kind because we think our pets deserve better.

Proper ingredient selection is only the first step in making a healthy pet food. We then use a quick-baking and air-drying process at precise temperatures to keep Carna4 safe from bacteria, while preserving trusted probiotics, enzymes and nutrients your pet needs, along with delicious flavor.

You will notice the difference in the health and vitality of your dog or cat!





More Benefit & Less Risk for Your Pet

Most nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals or probiotics (“good bacteria” needed for healthy digestion) are more effective when they come from natural food, like Carna4’s sprouted seed mix, because the body needs the full array of micro-nutrients that are present in the whole foods in order to get the nutritional benefits. An individual vitamin or mineral that has been chemically isolated in a laboratory has a different physical structure than its whole food counterpart and the body recognizes the difference by rejecting the synthetic compound. Trying to absorb isolated vitamin compounds is a little like trying to get across town on a wheel that has been removed from your car: it doesn’t work unless it is attached to all the other parts of the car.

Nutrients that remain in their whole food environments also tend to outlive their lab-made counterparts. For example, naturally-occurring probiotics are much stronger and healthier while they are in the nurturing comfort of their native host (the sprouted seed), surrounded by prebiotics and the thousands of other microbes that play a supporting role in their function. This makes them much more stable and able to withstand the short cycle of heat applied during Carna4 production. In contrast, artificially-cultured probiotics like those used in most pet foods are very unstable in their foreign environments and perish quickly after being removed from the laboratory or factory.

Similarly, it’s known that up to 90% of synthetic vitamins are destroyed during application of extreme heat, pressure and steam in the extrusion processes used in conventional pet food manufacturing. Even if isolated vitamins are applied after extrusion, they continue to be lost at rates of up to 30% per month in their chemically-altered form ( Vitamin A is a good example). Common pet food antioxidants like the synthetic versions of Vitamins E and C can be used up at similarly high rates, especially when they are needed to neutralize free radicals from poor quality meats. This is quite different from the natural vitamins occurring in sprouted seeds, which remain healthy and abundant in their host environment, staying at optimum levels for many months after they are combined with other natural foods and turned into Carna4.

Some man-made additives used in pet foods may contain low levels of toxins or other dangerous impurities. These substances may be safe when taken individually and in moderate dosages, but health risks increase when many concentrated additives are mixed with pet food ingredients during manufacturing. In recent years, we’ve seen numerous recalls caused by synthetic vitamin/mineral mixing errors during pet food fortification.


  • Many Mineral Feed Additives Contain Heavy Metal Contaminants, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and nickel because they are often made from industrial by-products.

  • Many Synthetic Fat-Soluble Vitamins Contain BHT, an additive noted for its potential to cause cancer.

  • Most Foods contain ingredients that were preserved at the refinery with additives  such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, TBHQ, Sodium Metabisulphite or even Mixed Tocopherols (which may contain synthesized Vitamin E). If there are no preservatives listed on the pet food package, it doesn’t mean that they are absent – only that the pet food manufacturer didn’t add any extra preservatives on top of what was already in the ingredients.

Synthetic Vitamins Made Primarily Overseas

Many people don’t realize that most of the vitamins used in today’s synthetic additives are made overseas (where most European vitamin companies have outsourced their plants). Only choline chloride and natural source vitamin E (from soy oil) are still made in North America.

In fact, a leading manufacturer of “made in U.S.A.” vitamin pre-mixes for the pet food sector, relies on imports for the following vitamins contained in its pre-mixes: magnesium oxide; ascorbic acid; Vitamin A; Vitamin D; thiamine mononitrate; pyridoxine HCl; and folic acid.

Given these known limits and risks, wouldn’t you like to remove synthetic additives from your pet’s diet? Carna4 gives you a convenient option to make your pet’s world safer and help them live a healthier life. What could be better than that?

Pure Vitamins & Minerals from Whole Foods

Look at the ingredient list of any other “natural” pet food: It probably includes 25 or 30 chemical compounds that supply all of the vitamins, minerals, probiotics & enzymes that the manufacturer guarantees. This is the canine or feline equivalent of feeding your family protein powder plus a handful of supplement tablets instead of fresh meat, salad and vegetables.

Modern studies have shown that synthetic vitamins are largely ineffective and are passed out by the animal in its waste. That is because these additives (even the ones labelled “natural”) have been artificially isolated and chemically altered from their native states:  they are no longer surrounded by the thousands of micro-nutrients in the complex structure of the whole, raw food, each of which plays an important role in nutrient absorption. All of this means that the body cannot recognize or metabolize the synthetic “nutrients” like it would the components of real food. After time, your pet’s nutrient reserves become depleted and she begins to suffer the consequences of a poor diet.

If a pet (or a person) gets all of his vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics from synthetics, then he may eventually experience health issues such as skin & joint inflammations, yeast infections, digestion and stool problems, or other nutrition-based conditions that look a lot like food allergies.

Carna4 is the first pet food to provide sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals, plus enzymes and probiotics using NO CHEMICALS whatsoever.  Instead we add a blend of certified organic sprouted seeds containing nutrition far surpassing regulatory standards. Carna4 eliminates the need to supplement your dog’s diet with any nutritional additives. And to prove it, we test for and guarantee 64 nutrients, supplied only by our true food ingredients.

Look at any other pet food:

• Is the ingredient list free from any synthetic additives (look for chemical names)?
• Does the manufacturer guarantee a long list of vitamins & minerals?


Carna4 products contain:

  • No chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals or amino acids (or pre-mixes)

  • No vegetable or meat protein concentrates

  • No preservatives (not even mixed tocopherols)

  • No digest or flavors

  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

  • No meat meal, fats or dehydrated meat – only 100% fresh, real meat.

As you’ve likely heard, the longer the food we eat is exposed to heat, particularly at high temperatures, the greater the nutrient loss. The same holds true for pet food.

With this in mind, the ingredients in Carna4 are heated only once, for a short period of time and at moderate temperatures. We ensure the ingredients reach 195° F/90°C to eliminate the illness-causing pathogens (e.g. salmonella) that may be present in raw chicken, duck, pork and fish. At the same time, our gentle baking/drying temperature is kept low enough and the cycle is short enough to preserve the naturally-occurring probiotics, enzymes and nutrients your pet needs, along with authentically scrumptious aromas.


Why Oven Drying?

We deliberately chose oven drying to avoid the high nutrient and flavor loss that comes with extrusion (see sidebar) – the extreme heat and pressure-laden process used to make most dry pet foods.

We also avoid another extrusion consequence: the creation of very high quantities of free radicals – byproducts of heat, pressure and abrasion. These charged particles can damage the food’s molecular structure and cause early rancidity. Once ingested, these free radicals can attack your pet’s body cells and if they reach unnaturally high levels, can hasten damage, leading to serious conditions like arthritis and contributing to cancer cell growth. When there is a high concentration of free radicals, antioxidants like vitamins C and E will be reallocated to neutralize them. However, this leaves a nutrient shortfall for preserving the food and meeting other health needs.

We’ve found that by gently baking our sprouted seed recipe, we can safeguard our superior supply of nutrients. Our flavor retention and palatability is also so strong that there’s no need to spray on the artificial flavors, fat or digest which extruded products rely on.

We handcraft Carna4 in small batches so it moves swiftly from our bakery to your local pet specialty store’s shelf still smelling of freshly baked goodness and with a wealth of nutrients intact.


What is Extrusion?

One of the least expensive ways to turn inedible foodstuffs into pet food (or breakfast cereal) is by the extrusion process. Using a combination of extremely high heat and pressure to incinerate bone, gristle, claws, diseased flesh, and anything else in the bin, the foodstuffs are turned into a sterile, mostly inert mass which can be molded into shapes. There is very little nutrition left after this process, as the life of any original food item is literally cooked right out of it. This may explain why so many processed foods require the long list of synthetic additives often included on their ingredient list.

Probiotics & Prebiotics

Probiotics or “good bacteria” are living microorganisms that remain intact throughout the digestive process and help keep the bowel and its lining healthy. These millions of microbes in the gut play a critical role in resisting many debilitating and degenerative diseases that start in the digestive system.

Prebiotics “feed” probiotics. They are non-digestible food ingredients or fiber that promote the growth of probiotics and “good bacteria,” while limiting damage done by “bad bacteria.”

Each Carna4 product contains truly high levels of probiotics and prebiotics, which work together to deliver optimal health benefits to your pet.

About Probiotics

Recent research cites probiotics as combating disease-causing bacteria in various ways (Dolfe, 2000), such as:

• Blocking binding sites to prevent pathogens from forming colonies in the intestines

• Producing antimicrobials and organic acids

• Stimulating the immune response and enzyme activity

Good gastrointestinal health is needed to maintain a strong immune system because most of it is located in the digestive tract. As such, the immune system is affected by the natural bacteria microflora. This means that probiotics can potentially help control enteritis in dogs, stimulate immune function in puppies, defend the body against autoimmune disorders, and improve oral health, waste odor and skin and coat health.

The organic sprouted seed mix contained in every Carna4 product we make provides extremely high levels of naturally-occurring, live probiotics, which have exceptional vitality because they are born, raised and sustained in the native environment of our sprouted seed blend. This gives these good bacteria the stability to survive our precise baking process. They also remain surrounded by the thousands of other microbes present in the host (sprouted seed) environment and which play important roles in the absorption and use by the body. In contrast, isolated probiotics grown artificially in ingredient factories have very limited lifespans, especially when fed into mixtures of pre-processed pet food ingredients with their typical impurities.

Carna4 contains a range of naturally effective probiotics and we guarantee superior levels of 11 types of probiotics, including bifidobacterium bifidum, lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus lactis and lactobacillus acidophilus. In total, one kilogram of Carna4 dog food contains over 18 billion colony-forming units of live probiotics.


About Prebiotics

Prebiotics support the gastrointestinal environment and enhance immunity. They do this by selectively stimulating the growth or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon, which enhances digestion and minimizes fecal odor.

There are many studies demonstrating the health benefits of prebiotics for pets. For example, studies examining Mannan Oligosaccharide (a prebiotic) in dog diets demonstrated improved digestibility, reduced “harmful” gastrointestinal bacteria and improved immune parameters. (Swanson et al., 2002; Zentek et al., 2OO2)

Carna4 contains a healthy variety of prebiotics and we guarantee substantial minimum levels of the following: fructooligosaccharide (FOS); mannooligosaccharides (MOS); and inulin, primarily from the unique sprouted seed mixture in Carna4.

Our Sprouted Seeds – A Superfood

Flax, lentils and other seeds & legumes are packed with nutrients and potential energy – enough to grow into a tall plant. Each seed is the powerhouse behind a plant’s growth and development, but nature locks in the nutrients with a protective coating designed to keep them intact until the seed is germinated and becomes ready to grow and mature. This allows only a fraction of the nutrients in ungerminated seeds to be digested and absorbed by your body. But sprouting can change all that!

Sprouted seeds have been “awakened” and are beginning the physical transformation from their dormant seed state to living, breathing plants. In the first 24 hours of germination, the nutrients in the sprouted seeds can multiply by an average of 14 times; antioxidants can multiply by 10,000 times; and enzymes & probiotics flourish by the millions & billions. Sprouting also lowers gluten and glycemic levels and transforms carbohydrates into highly digestible phytonutrient components.

Carna4’s unique recipe uses freshly sprouted USDA Organic Certified lentil seeds, barley seeds and flaxseeds. Sprouting (or germinating) the seed unlocks nature’s protective coating — boosting the bio-available nutrients in our food to unheard of levels.

Germination activates “sleeping” enzymes, bringing the seeds to life with increased vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, while neutralizing anti-nutrients, such
as phytic acid, which will otherwise hinder nutrient absorption.

So exactly what happens and how does it help your pet?

  • Sprouting defuses anti-nutrients, such as phytic acid, which will otherwise stop your pet from absorbing sufficient nutrition. Phytic acid is a plant fiber molecule that bonds with minerals (like iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium) in the digestive tract so they pass through the body with undigested or unsprouted seeds, robbing your pet of vital nutrients. These inhibitors can only be decreased through germination — not by milling or grinding.

  • Sprouting makes seeds and legumes more nourishing by boosting available vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients.

  • Sprouting activates sleeping enzymes, and increases their activity by up to 6 times, transforming complex carbohydrates and proteins into simpler forms to make nutrients more digestible and easier to absorb.

Simply put, sprouting live seeds….


But that’s only the beginning. Here are 8 more things sprouted seeds can do for your pet:

  1. Increase antioxidants by up to 9,600% to help your pet tackle cancer-causing free radicals – When seeds sprout, there is a significant increase in vitamins, especially natural antioxidants like Vitamin C and E, particularly with flaxseed. These antioxidants fight free radicals and also help preserve food by protecting polyunsaturated fats from oxidation.

  2. Sprouted flaxseeds in particular have very high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce the effects of arthritis and offer other health benefits to dogs – The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association published a series of studies in early 2010, on the proven benefits of food with high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids for dogs with osteoarthritis.

  3. Prevent stomach upset and reduce intestinal gas – Sprouting activates plant enzymes to supplement pancreatic enzymes produced by the body. This can alleviate stress on the pancreas, reduce intestinal gas and improve overall digestive function over time.

  4. Encourage probiotics or “good bacteria” growth to help keep your pet’s digestive tract clean and healthy – Sprouted seeds, especially flaxseed, are excellent sources of strong, naturally-occurring probiotics. Our laboratory testing has shown that these natural probiotics have a very high survival rate through our short-cycle baking/drying process, because they stay in the nurturing comfort of their native host.

  5. Increase soluble fiber, while reducing insoluble fiber to help toxins leave your pet’s body more efficiently – Sprouting reduces insoluble fiber by as much as 50% and increases in the ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber by as much as 30%. When soluble fiber flows through the arteries, it starts binding with cholesterol and other toxins to help clean the body.

  6. Provide less carbohydrates and “empty” calories – to maintain optimal condition.

  7. Lower gluten and have lower glycemic levels — making them ideal for pets with blood sugar issues and diabetes – Sprouted seeds have lower glycemic levels because portions of their carbohydrates are used up in the germination process. Recent scientific studies performed by Mortec Labs indicate that Carna4 is a low-glycemic food.


The Benefits of Synthetic-free

Did you know that most pet foods, even most of the natural, holistic, grain-free or organic brands, contain vitamin and mineral “pre-mix” made from totally synthetic compounds that are almost all produced in overseas factories? This is how most pet food companies’ labels meet the nutritional requirements set for dogs and cats after intensive processing of ingredients.

Until now, the only way to avoid possible contamination from additives was to cook at home for your pet.  Today you can avoid these risks with Carna4.

The Only Dog Food with Antioxidants From Real Food

Our recipes contain whole produce such as peas, sweet potatoes and carrots, which are excellent sources of antioxidants. Sprouted seeds give our food an even more significant boost in natural antioxidants including Vitamin C and E, which can increase by up to 9,600% after germination.

Carna4’s high antioxidant levels play a key role in safeguarding your pet from free radicals, which are natural products of metabolism (energy production in the body) as well as environmental impurities inhaled and ingested during daily activities. Free radicals age and weaken the body,  hastening damage and disease, leading to serious conditions like arthritis and contributing to cancer cell growth. Our ample natural antioxidants protect your pet by attacking and neutralizing these free radicals.

Other highly processed foods contain higher amounts of free radicals because they form during the intense extrusion heating process. The synthetic antioxidants added to these foods after manufacturing are quickly used up and don’t get a chance to work in your dog’s body.

The naturally-occurring antioxidants so abundant n Carna4 keep our food pure and fresh without man-made preservatives by protecting Carna4’s polyunsaturated fats from oxidation.  Furthermore, since Carna4 is only minimally processed, there are many fewer free radicals in the food, leaving more antioxidants to preserve the freshness for you!