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dog leah harness

Walking, a wonderful way to spend time with your companion, promoting health & fitness for you both!   But have you ever considered the hidden dangers of your dogs collar, and the manner of which you walk with your dog?!

Did you know the constant pressure on your dogs throat and neck can contribute to a multitude of health problems?  Constant pressure from the collar on your dogs throat and sensitive trachea can result in that awful gag and cough you hear, it's your dogs throat screaming out that the pressure from the collar while pulling forward, is irritating and hurting him.

  This constant abuse to the neck can lead to serious problems, and in more severe cases actual collapse of the trachea.  

The thyroid gland located in the neck along with the lymph glands is also effected by this constant forceful pressure.    

dog pulling

Harmful neck and throat pressure

dog graph

We recommend the use of a harness with our training clients, but not just any harness.  Our handcrafted hemp harness made of 100% natural Hemp.  Hemp is antibacterial and hypoallergenic for those dogs that are allergy prone. Super soft that only gets softer with time like your favorite pair of jeans, no chaffing! Easy step in step out.  Machine washable too!

dog harness

No throat or neck involved

This easy step in hemp harness is designed with the health of your dog in mind.  This harness is not a self correcting tool.  In order to stop your dog from pulling, remember, your dog has to learn to walk with you!

 These hemp harnesses are handcrafted, soft, antibacterial, super easy to put on and take off.

And most importantly,will not damage your dogs precious throat and neck!

dog harness
dog harness
dog harness

Awesome hemp gear softens with age like an old favorite pair of jeans! Hypoallergenic hemp.  Sustainable, eco friendly hemp gear for your companion!

dog walking

 Two friends out for a stroll, walk together in harmony! Encourage your dog to partake in a actual walk with you, not pull you along.

Walking with your dog can and should be pleasurable.  Just take the time, make the connection!  

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