In Sensational Flavors 

Ginger Tumeric

Cleansing - Warm- Digestion

Spearmint Lemongrass

Refresh - Soothing


Whole plant Wellness

Chamomile Lavender

Relax - Calming- Bedtime

Hemp’s flavor is reminiscent of an earthy green tea, and offers just the right balance of flavor for a grounding, soothing element to your favorite flavors.

Pure Hemp Tea combines the soothing properties and gentle flavors of herbal tea with the great taste of green tea. Made from organically grown industrial hemp, Hemptealicious™ Pure Hemp Tea contains a full spectrum of natural plant terpenes to support your wellness goals. Naturally caffeine free, each bag of tea contains 100% industrial hemp.

Blended flavors of Hemptealicious contain at least 30% industrial hemp in each bag.  The matched complimentary flavors and plants that work synergistically with the hemp to provide you the best of both world.

       After  a cup of

Hemptealicious tea...

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