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Bon Appétit our Companion friends!

I often have pondered if people have tasted, for themselves, what they expect their dogs to eat that’s poured from a bag to a bowl. Ever wonder why your dog is so interested in what you are eating and hoping with such endearing eyes for just a morsel?

Or why would they resort to their scavenger instincts to pick in the garbage to get a taste of the food tossed away from your plate? Have you ever considered that their bodies crave and need real wholesome food to be healthy too!

Could you survive off a box of cereal and remain in optimal health?

Thinking back, what were dogs fed before convenience hit the shelves? Portions of the families meal, so commonly referred to today as table scraps, were shared amongst the family companions. The humans ate the food so it has always puzzled me why today people view these left overs as something bad for their dogs. Why would wholesome food be bad for your dog?

Our companion animals today are at such risk of poor health and are dying everyday from a multitude of disease. Heart disease, cancer, kidney failure. Inflammed with arthritic joints, they are inflicted with skin issues to boot. Do you think one of the underlying culprits of a dis-eased body could be diet? You are what you eat really rings true!

What’s really in the fancy dog food bag? Are you quite certain you know whats thrown in the commercial yuck pot?

The slaughter of innocent beings, usually catagorized as the 4 D’s. The dead, dying, diseased, disabled. Not to forget the also added road kill and euthanized dog and cats to the mix.

The last time I ever inquired, and spoke directly to a so called “natural wholesome" dog food company about their ingredients, and derived sources, shock wasn't the word at the end of that conversation, it was pure disgust.

To find out they would choose the avenue of a cheaper source for an ingredient and be presented as wholesome, just to line their own greedy pockets at the expense of our dogs health! Label reading can be exhausting, and trusting what you read is the biggest challenge of all!

The bottom line is if you want your companions eating nutritious foods, the only way you can guarantee and control what goes into your companions mouth is simple, source your own ingredients and be the Chef!

No time you say, you cook for your human family, what’s an extra plate?

Worried about providing the proper vitamins and minerals? We have you covered! Check out our Green Mush whole plant goodness and Vegepet supplements!

Vegepet is only for the home prepared diet. If you are feeding a processed manufactured food (dry kibble) you would not want to add additional vitamins such as Vegepet to avoid over supplementation.

The Green Mush super foods however is perfectly fine to add to any type of diet!

Example of todays simple breakfast recipe for Vuitton included:

Tofu, nutritional yeast, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and scrambled egg.

(A nice addition to add too- whole cooked organic oats or quinoa).

So with just 15 mins we prepared..

1/8 cup (2 Tbsp) diced organic Tofu cooked in a stainless steel frying pan with virgin organic coconut oil.

*Use enough coconut oil to keep tofu (or eggs) from sticking to the pan.

Sprinkle with nutritonal yeast for that cheesy flavor. Keep stirred till the yeast starts to turn a brownish color. Maybe 10 mins.

Organic veggies used for this meal were




*With your veggie choices you can serve straight from the garden to your food processor, or hand chopping, or you can use frozen organic veggies. It appears from experience with our own companions that slightly cooked veggies seem easier to digest than some raw veggies.

What we do is add the frozen organic veggies in a pre cup of boiled hot water and cover. Let the veggies simmer in the hot water on the counter until the veggies have softened to your dogs preference.

*We also use dehydrated veggies when we can find them organic. It's a challenge to find dehydrated veggies that are certified organic and or grown from farms in the USA.

1 scrambled egg (scrambled, hard boiled, poached, our boy likes them all)!

*Being vegan ourselves we don’t consume animal products. However eggs are a wonderful protein and nutrition source that we will buy for our boy which he enjoys. We will only buy organic eggs that are from ethical, pasture raised, happy chickens. And from Farms that also feed non -GMO feeds to their flocks.

Stir all the above together in a bowl, with a sprinkle of organic Hemp seeds.

Add in all vitamin and mineral supplements once the food has cooled down a bit. *Adding your supplements in hot food can destroy the properties of the probiotics and digestive enzymes in your Green Mush.

Vegepet and Green Mush amounts are given by the weight of your companions. Please refer to product instruction guidelines.

We will to continue to add recipes, so please join us in the days ahead!

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