A Simple Daily
Dental Routine

with Real Results

Fight bad breath and tartar build-up for immediate and long-term support for your dog.

No brushing. No spraying. No struggle.


A Crucial Addition To Every Dog’s Routine

with Benefits for Every Age, Size and Breed

Keep their breath fresh and their teeth and gums healthy.


Complete Dental Care In A Simple Treat

Doggy dental treats are a quick and easy way to simplify your dog’s dental hygiene routine.

With natural, active ingredients like sea algae, parsley, and spearmint, just a few chomps on Dog Breath can arm teeth and gums with the tools to effectively break down tartar and freshen breath.

Defend Against Harmful Tartar

Tartar is a combination of minerals, food particles, and bacteria that likes to gather at the gingival surface where the tooth and gum meet. And while mechanical chews can do wonders removing plaque (because of the mechanical action of chewing), it doesn’t get rid of tartar at the gum line where it matters most.

Without some form of oral care, that plaque can irritate the gums and cause gingivitis. Once the gums are irritated, bacteria from plaque are free to enter the bloodstream causing a whole host of issues.

But using Dog Breath with active agents like sea algae softens up the thick, caked-on tartar at the gumline to remove existing tartar and defend against more tartar accumulation.

Dog Breath Dental Chews

  • An Innovative Approach

    Using Naturally Powerful Ingredients

    Parsley & Spearmint

    Natural herbs like spearmint and parsley work together to freshen breath.

    Parsley may seem like an odd choice but the herb has a fresh, clean taste with hints of citrusy lemon.

    And spearmint not only freshens breath, but it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can help kill the bacteria that contribute to your dog’s bad breath. 

    Sea Algae

    Taking advantage of sea algae’s osmotic effect, we can use this sea plant to soften the mineral-based tartar buildup on teeth.

    That’s because not unlike teeth, sea plants accumulate a slimy biofilm on their surface.

    And scientists have found that these plants have a natural, protective mechanism to break down this biofilm, called osmosis. Because tartar is essentially layers and layers of biofilm, this mechanism can be used to combat the buildup of tartar.