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Why Is Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ Safe* and Effective?*

 Endless uses, a must have! This spray is excellent for oral care too!

  Spray 2-3 times a day directly in your pets mouth to fight plaque building bacteria.  Anti bacterial helps to promote a healthy mouth and fresh breath!


Silver packs a 1-2 punch: With >98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters, the silver ions are immediately absorbed and put to use. Then the silver nanoclusters continue working throughout the day.* 



Silver is naturally found in mushrooms, whole grains, water, and mammalian milk which are all part of an animal’s natural diet. Peer-reviewed literature demonstrates the safety of silver in animals at 2,000 times the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Reference Dose for humans.(1)



Sovereign Silver maintains the highest purity standards – just pharmaceutical-grade purified water and 99.999% pure silver, manufactured in a GMP Certified facility, and packaged in amber glass to even further preserve purity.



Sovereign Silver ensures the best absorption, through a proprietary manufacturing method that produces an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers that your pet’s body can naturally and easily process.

Sovereign Silver – Fine Mist Spray

  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply a liberal layer of the gel in order to allow for consistent, sustained delivery. Leave wet. Do not rub until dry. After absorption, reapply as often as needed to prolong its activity.

    To relieve symptoms with the following indications, first clean the affected area, pat dry and then apply gel. Repeat as suggested below:

    Pet —Hotspots  wounds  burns — Apply 3-5 times daily. 

    Acne — Apply 3 times daily.

    Blisters — Apply 5 times daily, cover with a bandage if needed.

    Bruises — Apply 4 times daily.

    Bug Bites & Stings — Apply 5 times daily.

    Diaper Rash — Apply every diaper change.

    Eruptions from Eczema, Acne, Boils or Shingles — Apply 5 times daily.

    Itching — Apply 4 times daily.

    Minor Burns — Apply 5 times daily.

    Minor Cuts — Apply 5 times daily.

    Minor Inflammation & Redness — Apply 4 times daily.

    Minor Skin Infection — Apply 5 times daily.

    Minor Wounds — Apply 5 times daily.

    Nail Health — Apply 4 times daily.

    Rashes — Apply 3 times daily.

    Razor Burn — Apply 2 times daily.

    Scrapes — Apply 4 times daily.

    Sunburn — Apply 4 times daily.

    Ulcerations — Apply 5 times daily

    For external use only.
    Keep out of reach of children (adult supervision required).
    Ask a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen after three days.

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