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Heather. W


We took in Enzo 2 years ago when he was 10 years old and his owners didn’t want him anymore. For a year and a half he would run, binky and literary bounce off the walls. He’s always been such a happy bunny but the last 6 months he’s obviously slowed down some. I am sure it’s his age and just general aging but I hated seeing him get old. So we decided to try CBD with Kips of the Plant. Within a few days he was back to running and playing again. He looks forward to it every evening now. So happy we found something that helps him age a little easier.

Heather .W


My (standard) Rex bunny is 6yo, almost 10lb and is fittingly named Moo. He is the sweetest, snuggliest bunny ever. The last few years we have gotten into a routine of him eating dinner and then jumping on the couch to snuggle for hours.

For the past several months he has had no interest in getting on the couch. We bought pet steps and still nothing. The vet found Moo has arthritis in his lower back and offered metacam as needed.

We decided to try CBD because we have seen others use it with success. Our vet was fine with us using it so we ordered it from

Kips Of The Plant

and received it on Sat. Within hours Moo came to the couch and wanted picked up to snuggle. Sun evening Moo used the pet steps to come up for snuggles. BUT then Mon evening Moo jumped up on the couch himself to snuggle a few different times.

I’m just in awe! Hubby and I have used CBD with positive results and I really wish we had started Moo on this sooner. So happy to have my snuggle bunny back!

Terry. S


I don't remember who mentioned this particular hemp oil from Kips of The Plant Therapy; but I tried it. 2 drops on a baked treat once a day. I can not believe the difference in my bun. His stools are normal for the first time since I got him over 6 mos ago. He has less mucus from his bottom, he seems happier, does not sleep as much. Amazing and it has only been a week. Thanks to whomever mentioned it. With shipping $37.64, priceless for what it has done. My little guy is 7.5 yrs. old adopted from the local shelter. He was an owner surrender. Sweet rex.



We have been using full spectrum CBD Oil from KIPS of the Plant for our dog, and it has made a huge difference! Her anxiety upon being left alone, riding in the car, and meeting new people and dogs has visibly decreased. Most importantly, she seems so much more content, and has a great balance of playfulness and calm.



I just wanted to give you a update on our Kips Of The Plant CBD oil experience so far.

 I am using it on a senior bunny who has one broken hip and the other has arthritis. When we started, he would no longer lay down and relax. He would always sit up indicating he was uncomfortable. The metacam was not helping.

 We started off with one drop every 12 hours and really didn’t see any changes. Now we are up to two drops every 12 hours and are seeing wonderful results. He will now run and play in our secure bunny yard and he lays down and is comfortable once again.

 I’m including a photo for you. He’s the Dutch in the far right corner; Abercrombie 

 Thank you so very much!!!!  I sincerely appreciate all of your help and guidance!!


CC Cooks


Paige came to us with a past full of injuries, and constantly in pain. She couldn't act like a puppy should. The Vet said we could try surgery to ease her pain but there were no guarantees. That's when we were introduced to CBD which has really helped her live pain free!  She now runs and plays like we've never seen before. And of course she sleeps so much better.

"Thank you Kips for helping our Paige and

letting us know about CBD!

Kelly. E


Chili was on a lot of pain meds for a neck injury.  The pain meds were not helping him and causing him to be restless.  I was concerned this would not be a good long term solution.  That's when I looked into CBD oil and met Karen (Kips) 

The CBD oil does the trick when his legs or neck hurts or if he is restless I will give him a dose to allow him to relax and rest.  With his neck injury, I gave it to him everyday for about 2 weeks, now he gets it just when he seems out of sorts.

Barb L


Andi is a great rescue story, when I rescued him at 11 mos old, he was scared with no fur on his back side.  He was kicked in his hind leg and he still looks back when he is scared, mostly of men and electronics of any kind. Since he has been taking the CBD tincture he's been slowly calming down.  

I honestly feel the CBD relaxes him.  

Stephanie. E


Me and my Buns wanted to say thank you so much! We all LOVE Kips and I have seen an improvement in the Buns and myself. Thank You!

S. Opp


We wanted to share our positive experience with CBD oil. Our Westie had to have ACL surgery on both of his back legs. As surgery dates got closer, each time we were able to rely on CBD oil for pain relief. Once Duffy successfully came through each surgery, we were able to utilize CBD oil, and more quickly wean him off of the prescribed medications for pain. We definitely will use it again in the future as needed!

K. Rose


 Green Mush has been a wonderful addition to our boys daily diet. Plush coats, reduced urine odor, overall wellness! They look forward to their daily mush! These boys also love a little CBD tincture in a spoon of unsweetened organic applesauce.. Balance is calmness, which promotes togetherness :) 



The cats meow.. just a few drops of tincture in the food.. purrrfect!

Ann. S


The cbd tincture helped to encourage Alice's appetite maintaining a healthier weight during her senior years.    

G. Scott


Miss Lips is so much calmer traveling during our weekend mountain hikes!     

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Pomeranian dog

She's going to fly away because her tail doesn't stop wagging till she gets her Hemp CBD Oil for Pets!
                                   -Carlis C

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