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Slippery Elm is an herb that moonlights as a digestive lozenge. Lubricating and coating the bowel’s protective layers, it acts as the first defense against inflammation by keeping foods, grass, or anything else pets deem edible from causing further irritation. Think of how a lozenge coats the sore throat, lubricating it so it’s easier to swallow food and liquids. Slippery Elm does this for your pet’s bowels, encouraging proper gastric function while easing GI upset’s not-so-pleasant symptoms.

Dog and cat digestive issues can be a pain for pet parents and your pet’s backend, but Slippery Elm can help. Not only may it help ease occasional constipation, but it can help a dog or kitty with loose stools, too. When the bowels are protected, your whisker-toter can get back to eating more regularly, shortening recovery time to get them back on those adorable toe-beaned paws quicker.

Slippery Elm

PriceFrom $25.49
    • Maintaining Gastric Function
    • Loose Stool
    • Constipation
    • Occasional Upset
    • Soothing Megaesophagus
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