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For Pets and the People Who Love Them: Sovereign Silver PETS Products


Silver, which occurs naturally in mushrooms, whole grains, water, and mammalian milk,

has been used for centuries to safeguard health for humans and animals.

Sovereign Silver

The ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Macedonia,

Phoenicia and Rome all relied on silver to keep them well. 

• Around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of medicine,

taught that silver supports healing processes. 


• During the Middle Ages, upper-class Europeans gave silver

spoons as christening presents to help the newborn ward

off illness. This is where the phrase “born with a silver

spoon” comes from. 


• In America’s Old West, it was common practice to drop

silver coins into drinking water barrels.


 • As recently as the 1930s, colloidal silver was the preferred

choice of physicians for empowering the immune system and

supporting the body’s innate healing processes.


• NASA uses silver in the water purification systems

of the space shuttle and the International Space Station. 


• Following three years of research and development,

Natural Immunogenics introduced Sovereign Silver in 1999,

representing the most significant breakthrough in colloidal

technology in the last 100+ years.


#1 selling silver brand Sovereign Silver, the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver, launches products for pet immune support health and topical healing.

Sovereign Silver, the top-selling silver brand in the United States from Natural Immunogenics, is pleased to announce the launch of its immune support products for pets. PETS Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ provides daily immune support, allergy relief and promotes innate resistance to pathogens.

The product is the 1st one of its kind certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). The NASC Seal of Quality provides assurance that ethical manufacturing and labeling practices are complied with; show consumers our commitment to the highest current standards of quality in the industry today, ultimately granting that products of the highest quality and purity are placed on the market.

PETS Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol works by promoting natural resistance to pathogens, is quick and easy for pet parents to administer via fine mist spray, dropper-top or twist top, has no odor and tastes like water.

Sovereign Silver also introduces its PETS First Aid Gel For topical healing and relief of minor skin irritations such as hotspots, sores, minor wounds, bug bites, paw burn and more. The sting-free formula helps by fighting minor skin infections, reducing topical pain, calming skin inflammation and promoting healing of the skin.


Why Is Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ Safe* and Effective?*



Silver packs a 1-2 punch: With >98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters, the silver ions are immediately absorbed and put to use. Then the silver nanoclusters continue working throughout the day.* 



Silver is naturally found in mushrooms, whole grains, water, and mammalian milk which are all part of an animal’s natural diet. Peer-reviewed literature demonstrates the safety of silver in animals at 2,000 times the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Reference Dose for humans.(1)



Sovereign Silver maintains the highest purity standards – just pharmaceutical-grade purified water and 99.999% pure silver, manufactured in a GMP Certified facility, and packaged in amber glass to even further preserve purity.



Sovereign Silver ensures the best absorption, through a proprietary manufacturing method that produces an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers that your pet’s body can naturally and easily process.

Mr. Beans & Friends



For pets 3.5 lbs. and up.

Please refer to product packaging for dosage amounts.

Daily Support*:

Once daily.

Long-Term Immune Support*:

5 times daily.


3 times daily.

Short-Term Immune Support*:

7 times daily.

Ear Health*: 1-2 droppersful, hold for up to 3 minutes, 3 times daily.

Or if using a fine-mist spray, 1-3 sprays to ear surface as needed.

Eye Health*: Use 1-2 drops, every hour.

Gastrointestinal Health*: 1-3 teaspoons on an empty stomach,

2-3 times daily until balance is restored.

Mouth and Gum Health*: 5-10 sprays on teeth and gums,

2-3 times daily.

Respiratory Health*: See Immune-Building* dosage above.

Throat Health*: 5-10 sprays, 2-3 times daily.

When Traveling, Being Boarded or Groomed*: Take before,

during and after the event.

Topical*: Apply directly to the affected area as often as needed.

Tear Stains*: Apply using a cotton ball or swab directly to stained

area. Also see Immune-Building* dosage above.

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