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  His calling  was to become a close companion to a girl of quiet shy nature.  He recognized her need to lean on him which he so wholeheartedly invited.  He became her closest comrade, her confidant as  she shared all her secrets and dreams with him as he would lovingly lick her hand as he listened.

It was through those licks of adoration that the dark day came of discovery, a small lump was felt brushed against the skin of her hand.  Hearts were crushed hopelessly within the family when the news came that that small lump was the dreaded oral melanoma cancer.  

When the expiration date is stamped on your beloved one, your mind immediately goes into overwhelming fear but at the same time you know you must fight, despite the odds.   Yes, we desperately and conscientiously helped Kip in every way we could, 24/7.  He was never alone as we held  onto the belief that the body can heal itself as it was meant to do.  We began building his immune system strong by way of wholesome foods and Holistic alternative therapies and Full Spectrum hemp oil!   

We embraced this miraculous plant and all it’s wonderful constituents in hope that it would be the answer for Kip’s healing. 


 But like many things in life hindsight is perfect and we only wished we knew sooner about Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.  We believe to this day that had his dis-eased body had the support of Hemp sooner, the outcome may have been more positive.


When that final day came when Kip told us he could not go on as his body started to fail him and he started to turn away from the food filled syringe that we had to use to keep him nourished, it was at that moment we had to love him more and let him go to his peace.. the moment in time when you lose that love in the physical form grasping for your own breath in devastating sorrow- as you part.

You know that moment when you fall so deeply in love and you could not imagine a day without that love? 

 This is a story about a love felt so deep that it forever changed the lives of whom it touched. This is our story our hemp inspiration, Kip!        

 A little black Pomeranian who thought he was bigger than his physical stature showed.  He was big with the nose kisses and he would the stand up and wave his paws as he would twirl in delight.  Kip loved life and he deeply loved his family who he shared his every day.   Kip was the root of the family spirit! 

It was truly a gift the time that was extended with Kip that we thank Full Spectrum Hemp Oil,  not only for his general well being but for the comfort of his spirit.

With all of you that may be reading our story, maybe some of you are in that moment of despair, searching for a way to help that love of your life, we invite you to really dig in and research and keep an open mind to the wonders of FS Hemp  oil.


After all what do you have to lose other than precious moments ahead that you thought you had.


We desperately miss those nose kisses as we close our eyes to be with  him  remembering all the beauty of his being.

 As we hold onto a quote that brings peace to ones soul..


“Don’t cry because I died, Smile because I lived”



               Love and Peace be yours!



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Kips CBD

Our Love, Our Inspiration

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