Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

for your Pets!

Organically grown in Colorado and tested for purity!

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Why us

if you’re looking to add the benefits of cannabinoids to your pets daily routine, or yours, go with the highest quality and only full-spectrum, single-origin CBD hemp oil: Synchronicity. A proprietary lipid infusion process preserves natural cellular bonds to deliver a whole-plant entourage effect that other hemp oils simply can’t match. Functional Remedies hemp oils are never made from concentrate, and have been third-party and verified to deliver 400% more active beneficial phytonutrients for optimal wellness.

Functional Wellness

Whole Plant Hemp 

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with a Proprietary Lipid Infusion Process delivers maximum levels of Phytonutrients!


Abercrombie has been fantastic! The CBD tincture now allows him to run and play acting like a young spry Bunny...  Read more

2 drops of CBD tincture on a baked treat once a day. I can not believe the difference in my bunny..   Read More

Two times Nobel Laureate, Dr Linus Pauling,  said  You could trace every disease

and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."




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