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If you’re looking to add the benefits of cannabinoids to your pets daily routine, or yours, go with the highest quality and only full-spectrum, single-origin CBD hemp oil: Synchronicity. A proprietary lipid infusion process preserves natural cellular bonds to deliver a whole-plant entourage effect that other hemp oils simply can’t match. Synchronicity Full Spectrum hemp oil is never made from concentrate, and have been third-party and verified to deliver 400% more active beneficial phytonutrients for optimal wellness.


Heather .W


My (standard) Rex bunny is 6yo, almost 10lb and is fittingly named Moo. He is the sweetest, snuggliest bunny ever. The last few years we have gotten into a routine of him eating dinner and then jumping on the couch to snuggle for hours.

For the past several months.....



We have been using full spectrum CBD Oil from KIPS of the Plant for our dog, and it has made a huge difference! Her anxiety upon being left alone, riding in the car, and meeting new people and dogs has visibly decreased. Most importantly, she seems so much more content, and has a great balance of playfulness and calm.



I just wanted to give you a update on our Kips Of The Plant CBD oil experience so far.

I am using it on a senior bunny who has one broken hip and the other has arthritis. When we started, he would no longer lay down and relax. He would always sit up indicating he was uncomfortable. The metacam was not helping.

We started off with one drop of the hemp tincture every 12 hours ...