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Hemp CBD the natural choice..

Is CBD the right choice for your dog...? Hemp the miracle plant as some fondly refer to hemp. Not to be confused with Marijuana even though they resemble one another.

We like to think of hemp as one of Natures greatest gifts!

Cannabidiol "CBD" derived from these medicinal plants are non-psychoactive and will not get you or your dog "high". Endocannabinoid systems are naturally occuring in all animals and humans alike. CBD binds with our natural cannabinoid receptors to provide balance within the body where it's naturally needed. Research has shown there are many positive benefits with the use of CBD for our pets. CBD is a safe wholesome choice for ailments verses the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals that can be detrimental to your dogs immediate and long term health.

CBD is a wonderful dietary supplement that can be added to your dogs daily day. There is no fear of overdose with CBD, it's all about individual physiology when it comes to dosing. You just need to find what amount works best for your dog. Start slow, build up to the dosage that you observe the desired effects that brings well being for your dog.

We have personally seen and have been witness to the positive effects of CBD with the most anxious dog and found calmness and balance with continued use of CBD. We have also had first hand experience and success with CBD and the small animal community.

Join us as we follow closely with dogs along their CBD journey, to better wellbeing.

Stay tuned as we continue the CBD conversation.

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